How To Mix Easter Up

Easter time, The time of year to load your kids with chocolate and paint some eggs, and enjoy a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt. It’s crazy Easter is just around the corner already. I swear it’s like every year just goes faster and faster. This year why not try something different and break from the norm. Don’t worry I’ve done the work and made a list of different ideas you must try. Some things on this list will be crafts, and some will be different things to try or places to go. Let’s dive in and see what we found.

Play Easter Bingo
Make an Easter Bingo card out of charming, clip art images. Combine the order up for every card you print. Cut up one card and put the images in an Easter basket. Give the youngsters jelly beans to use as bingo markers. Pull one picture at a time out of the basket and reveal it to the kids. They must mark the spot that matches. Play until someone gets a bingo.

Jelly Bean Race
Fill two baskets each with the equal volume of jelly beans. Put them side-by-side on a table. Divide players into two balanced teams. Have the partners line up behind a starting position that is several feet apart from the jelly bean table. Each team is given an empty basket and a spoon. The first player in order for each team has to race to the table and position as many jelly beans as they possible on their spoons. Now they must then race back and deposit their jelly beans into the empty basket and hand the spoon off to the next member, who has to do the same. Play proceeds in this mode until one team has transported all of their jelly beans. If a runner loses any jelly beans in the progression of the race, they must go back and again begin over.

Eggs in a Haystack
Grab and wrap two Gig boxes in spring coloured paper. Fill them up with Easter grass. Split the kids into two teams. Immerse one coloured egg per player in the grass. Line Both teams up and have them race, relay style to recover an egg from within the box. The bigger the boxes and more grass you use, t he more challenging this game will be

Secret Easter Bunny
Very similar to Secret Santa, Secret Easter Bunny like this one from is a fun way to give gifts within the family and friends around the Easter season. Simply fill plastic Easter eggs with small treats, gifts, etc. and put them in a basket. Your kids can then take the baskets and drop them off at the doors of friends and family, ringing the doorbell then running away giving you all a nice chuckle.

Make an Easter egg tree
Have you heard of making an Easter egg tree? The tradition of decorating tree branches with Easter eggs goes way back. Get some Decorations that are Easter related and get to decorating. It doesn’t have to be a big tree either. This gives you time to make some Easter style garland and other little crafts and spend some quality time with the kids.


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