Crazy Must Know Omega 3 Benefits

Omega 3 fatty acids are extremely beneficial not only to your body but your brain as well. They have many powerful health benefits.
In fact, little nutrients have been studied as thoroughly as omega-3 fatty acids. Many don’t know, but there are three types of omega three acids ALA, EPA and DHA.

Omega 3 fatty acid can help significantly with depression and anxiety. Its been proven through studies the people who consume omega three fatty acids on a regular basis are less likely to get depressed. EPA appears to be the best at battling depression as found by these studies. One study even found EPA as powerful against depression as a standard antidepressant drug.

Omega-3s can even improve risk factors for heart disease.
Decades ago, researchers found that fish-eating communities had meagre rates of these diseases. This was later linked to omega-3 consumption Omega-3 can help with multiple factors of heart issues such as Triglycerides, Blood pressure, Blood clots, Plaque, Inflammation,
and Good” HDL cholesterol. Despite all these beneficial results on heart disease risk factors, there is no evidence that omega-3 supplements can prevent heart attacks or strokes.

Not only is Omega 3 good for heart disease issue but it can also aid with autoimmune issues. Studies show that getting adequate omega-3s during your first year of life is related to a diminished risk of many autoimmune diseases, including type 1 diabetes, autoimmune diabetes and multiple sclerosis. They can aid much more with autoimmune issues and play a broad role in maintaining balance.

Interestingly, by consuming enough Omega 3 fatty acids studies show that people who digest the largest dose of omega-3 have up to a 55% lower risk of colon cancer. Omega-3 consumption has been connected to a lessened danger of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. However, not all investigations give the same results.

The best way to put it is Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for optimal health. Receiving them from whole foods — such as fatty fish two times per week. However, if you don’t eat plenty of fatty fish, then you may prefer taking an omega-3 supplement. — Is the best way to ensure healthy omega-3 intake. However, if you don’t eat plenty of fatty fish, then you may want to reconsider taking an omega-3 supplement. For people deficient in omega-3, this is a cheap and highly effective way to improve health.