Ever Hear Of a 30 Pound Bagel

Imagine a 30-pound bagel with bacon, egg & cheese Is the size of a car tire. Well its real and in NYC a family ran restaurant can offer just that.
a Jumbo Bagel, a beast of a bagel breakfast sandwich that makes the sizable New York bagel look like a miniature doughnut.

The shop makes the huge bagel the same way as its normal New York-style bagels hand-rolled, then left to proof for eight hours, boiled, and baked in a 500 degree oven — but with one big difference: This Jumbo Bagel is as big as a tire, and weighing about 25 to 35 pounds, and feeding up to around 30 people.

Each one of these bagels is customizable too. So no matter what you can have it to your liking no matter what your taste is. But the most favourite variant is The Ridge Diablo. Named after El Hassen’s high school