Stop Using Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles have been given a bad reputation over the years. They are not only wasteful but cause issues in the ocean and are not biodegradable. The waste that is made from bottles has always been a concern not only to climate scientists and eco-friendly groups worldwide. Did you know that 22 billion bottles get thrown away each year in the USA alone? Well, the solution may have finally been found.

Skipping rock labs from London has created a new product call the ooho ball. This ohoo ball is creating a buzz cause how its not necessary to have a bottle to get that drink of water you need. How your probably thinking
well, it’s actually quite simple.

The inventors, who have been producing the Ooho bubble since 2014, they utilize a basic two-step cooking method called spherification to create this innovative water bubble. They start by soaking a frozen ball of water or juice into a calcium chloride service. This helps form a jellied layer around the liquid. The ball is then infused in a solution made from a brown algae extract. This creates the second layer, enhancing the structure so that the water does not cause leakage. In addition to conserving our environment, the biodegradable packaging costs merely two cents each, making it less expensive to produce than plastic.

After three years of developing the style, the developers, who recently raised over $1 million USD from a crowdfunding project, are ready to bring the Ooho bubble to market. There are a couple of barriers that still require being gotten rid of before it becomes a serious contender to plastic bottles as there are still concerns on an eco-friendly packaging for at stores and other sales outlets.


  1. do more articles concerning the environment, its cool to see people spreading the word about growing environmental problems.


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