Why Do People Underrate Lemons So Much

Round yellow eye shaped fruits? Yes lemons. These little things don’t get enough credit. Sure they make you pucker and make a funny face that the whole family will enjoy but I’m talking more than just a laugh.
Lemons have many health benefits and many uses outside of just cooking with them or using them as decor for plating food.

Many people hate drinking water or don’t drink enough water. Lemons can help with this as water is bland, so it makes it not the top thing on many peoples minds. Adding a slice of lemon may help many people curb this issue, and in return, it helps promote better hydration.

Vitamin C within lemons may aid and help with many things. One thing lemons are known for are helping to support in a lower risk of stroke, lower blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Vitamin C is also known for helping reduce skin wrinkling and skin ageing-related issues.
Many researchers also seem to think its more than vitamin c in within lemons that help your heart but also compounds found within the fruit as well.

Compounds hesperidin and diosmin have been shown to lower cholesterol within the body. Furthermore, this is just the tip of the health benefits as they may even aid in the prevention of kidney stones. This happens as it may help increase the amount of urine passing and change the ph levels which make the environment for kidneys stones to grow in non-favouring conditions Not only aiding in going number 1, but it may also help prevent constipation and aid as a laxative.

All in all, lemons are underrated by most and have many amazing properties to them. The summary of this is to add more lemon to your diets as it may just be what your body needs!