Stop Being A Negative Nelly With These Simple Tips

It’s one of those days. You just rolled out of bed, and the war is on. Everyone has bouts of feeling down or just being in a bad mood. No one likes to be upset. The feeling is not great, and it significantly affects the people around you. Even if you don’t suffer from depression, you’re bound to wake up on the wrong side of the bed at least once. Just know that your not the only one who has had this issue nor will you be the last.

Having suffered from depression and anxiety in my life, I’ve been here. Too many times and it ain’t pretty. On a lighter note though I have found many different ways to help tweak that mood from experience with this and also a lot of reading. I’m not saying all these are going to work or they are instant fixes, but its a start and who knows these tips may help.

Distract your self
Distracting your self can help greatly. It boils down to find something that takes a bit of mental power and concentration to switch the mood. Play some video games, do a puzzle. Within a few minutes to 20, you should see an improvement in how you are feeling.

Listen to music is going to be on this list. Its been scientifically proven that music can alter moods. So maybe play some of your favourite music on your iPod. If you’re at home crank that stereo and enjoy Listening to classical music, Celtic music, or Indian raga music for at least 30 minutes a day can help lower blood pressure and help you feel healthy and relaxed.

Affirm self-worth
A bad mood may be caused by something said by others or about how we feel about our selves. So take time to admire yourself and to compliment yourself. Maybe in a journal write down what your good at your traits, or parts of your personality that are great to help you see and feel better by focusing n the more positive side of things.

Do your hobbies
Do you what you love. Not only is this an excellent way to distract yourself but it is a great way to get satisfaction. When your down being creative can be fantastic not only do you shake that lousy mood but you positively use that frustration practically and productively.

Finish tasks
Being down and out may be caused by having to much on your plate. SO make a list and one by one do those tasks. As they complete the workload will get lighter and lighter as will your mood. When thing pile up it can be stressful, and annoying. Start with more manageable tasks. Even if it’s something simple like putting away the dishes.

Spend Time With Favorite People
Emotions and feelings can be contagious. Have you ever hung out with someone upset? In return, you feel upset. Well, its the same for feeling good. Maybe you know one person who is always happy and always smiling. Hang out with a fun and happy person you may find their optimism contagious as well.

Now check out these tips give em a try. Let us know in the comments below if they worked for you or not. We hope they did and your day got a little better.