Dealing And Preventing Athletes Foot.

Face it no one likes athletes foot. Whether your on your feet at work for long hours or performing in sports, you may fall victim to it. Luckily there is a way to prevent this annoyance. Not only does it irritate but it stings and burns. Thankfully it is easily treated and prevented. If you do get athletes foot go to your GP and get an over the counter prescription filled.

The problem with Athletes foot is it is highly contagious. You can contract it from a contaminated surface, touching an infected person foot that’s infected. a Few things may cause you to at higher risk of it to.

Higher Risk If

  • Males are a higher risk of getting athletes foot
  • If you wear tight-fitting shoes
  • Frequently wear damp socks
  • Share shoes with people

Now how to prevent this nasty little infection. There are many ways to allow this to happen.

Keep your feet dry. The reason this is important is the fungus that causes the infection thrives in damp and warm areas. So keeping your feet dry is a significant part of preventing it. So this rule is golden

Use powder. Using powder once again keeps your feet dry. If possible try to get antifungal powder. This will double up on the prevention of athletes foot.

Alternate shoes. If you can have to pair of shoes that you alternate, do not use the other pair until it had ample time to dry — alternate shoes from day to day or as needed or able to.

Never share shoes. Most people don’t do this normally but still is a prevention method. If someone has athletes foot, it is highly contagious and will spread if touched.

Wear well-ventilated shoes. Well ventilated shoes will help you by keeping your feet fresh. In return, your feet will sweat less. You are playing a significant role in stopping athletes foot dead in its tracks.

The golden rule as stated is to keep your feet dry. If it keeps your feet dry and is comfortable with enough room, this should decrease your chance of getting athletes foot. To add to the conclusion don’t share shoes and wear proper shoes.