Common myths on sharks

Sharks are vicious
Sharks the vicious predator of the sea, or at least that’s what we are taught growing up. Thanks to the Media and countless stories have circulated for many years. Hollywood loves to make these creatures look like horrible killer savagesHave you ever seen jaws the Hollywood movie that came out in 1975. If not its a film based on a massive great white which attacks and stalks many people it brought fear to many. The movie had convinced many people sharks were angry, aggressive animals with no remorse but in all reality sharks usually avoid people in the water, and they typically don’t come close till offered food and much coxing to get them close finally. Another high indicator that sharks aren’t interested in devouring people like hungry beasts people is how many people are left to survive the attacks only about 9-10 people die a year caused by sharks. Were you aware that humans kill more sharks then sharks kill humans every year? Many of these attacks happen due to the animal being lost or confused. That is one of the main reasons beaches say you should never swim or surf on days that the water seems murky. As you or the sharks cannot see correctly and accidents may happen that way, so the best way to prevent it to directly not go out on these days.

Sharks cure cancer
Another misconception about sharks is that they don’t get cancer. Due to this theory, many people take supplements or cook shark cartilage to hopefully receive the cancer immunity that sharks are said to have. However, sadly this is false sharks can get cancer just like many other creatures. Its recently been proven that cancer can grow within sharks but is a lot harder to develop within the shark’s body due to the way they’re cartilage is formed it is too dense which makes it hard for cancer to grow this all started back in the ’80s when claims came out that it could treat cancer. Many companies thrived due to this claim, so sharks began to get slaughtered more often while these companies got rich off sick people or people who were trying to prevent the threat of cancer from ever happening. A lot more research had been done in this field, and there are no gains from this at all.
However, sharks do have tiny antibodies within their cells and tissues which can be genetically used to help benefit us

If sharks stop moving, they will die
Have you ever heard this before, well it is believed that sharks will die if they quit swimming? This statement couldn’t be any further from the truth.
Most sharks can rest in place due to something called “buckle pumping.”
So with 400 types of sharks, only 24 are considered as obligate ram ventilators which means they can not buckle pump and instead go through constant motion, but many people have mixed this up with all shark species. It’s not known why many people think or believe this, but now you know sharks don’t need always to keep swimming to stay alive. So don’t let that stupid saying fool you anymore.

All sharks have big teeth and are big too.
Now, this is statement is profoundly false. Not all sharks are big with big teeth; there are plenty of sharks that are small while there are big sharks as well. We’re not sure where this rumour first started, but it may be related to the first piece of this article and the Hollywood movie Jaws.
The smallest shark on record is called the “lantern shark” this shark species is only about 7.9 maximum as this is the largest size recorded to date. Now the most massive shark that’s a different story the largest shark ever recorded was caught in the 1870s, at 10.9 m (36 ft) and was the species known as the great white captured in southern Australian waters, near Port Fairy.
So don’t let this myth fool you that all sharks are big.
It has been proven time and time again this is false.

Shark fin soup makes you healthy Still this could not be any further from the truth. For those who don’t know shark fin soup originated from the country of China centuries ago. It was and still is most commonly used and served as a special occasion such as marriage, funerals, and banquets for royalty. It’s thought that shark fin soup has many multiple health benefits from better skin better sexual performance and many other things. The demand for this soup spiked massively in the early 2000s. Many people believed this idea, so sharks started to get killed off by the mass. By the time 2005 came around this trend began to die off as it’s been proven that the mercury found within the sharks is a lot more dangerous than these health benefits that aren’t actually there as ingesting shark products does not have any advantage for us as many believed for so long.

With all this being said we hope maybe your a little less scared of sharks as there are many misconceptions with these beautiful creatures. Without them, our oceans wouldn’t be the way they are, and it would not be the same. Sharks aren’t bloodthirsty aggressive animals unless provoked most of they are one of the main things that keep the ecosystem of the ocean in shape.e time as its been proven again and again countless times over the years.