Are All Millennial’s Lazy?

Are all millennial’s lazy? Alternatively, is this another misconception. Now being a millennial myself I have mixed feelings about this as being a 26-year-old I am considered to be one. I have heard countless times that millennial’s are lazy our generation complain too much we don’t want to work all we care about is technology. With some people, this may be true. I’ve seen countless teens, or young adults face first in their phones all the time. I also know many people my age who don’t have jobs or have no real motivation to work but is this to say its the generation or is it the product of how they’re brought up? I also know plenty of millennial’s as well on the other hand the that do have jobs and support their families and have no need for a cellphone twenty-four hours a day I was raised to work hard and to be honest and now being twenty-six I have found what I love doing. Cooking or writing seems to be my passion. To add to this have an active income, and I have children myself in which I support. I’ve always thought that maybe its a point of view thing as I’m sure the elderly most likely have complained about the younger generation before like it currently happens. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel it is a simple question to find the answer. I think its a simple gap within the mindsets and also the world around us has been rapidly developing for the past couple decades faster than any other one previously so this may play apart technology is going farther and farther every day, as well as things, are getting more comfortable. People don’t like change its a well-known fact so as this world changes so do the mindsets.

An example is I’m sure back in the day everything was written by hand as computers were coming out in the ’90s. Fast forward to now its mostly don’t on the computer as I do most of my work on the computer so many could take this as me simply plinking on my computer all day were in all reality I am working. Phones are the same you can do countless things from cheaper business calls as needed for about 8 hours a day, which means I am on my computer eight hours day as well as using my pc for downtime at times but that not to say I’m lazy. During the summer I still manage to camp or go out one of the best things n the summer I find is to gold pan its relaxing fun and entertaining with the thrill of the hunt.

At times I’ve even thought damn these younger kids are, but then I start to think of the products that are nowhere and how easy it is to get caught up in it. This isn’t a slate against technology either. I think a lot of it has to deal with the ever-changing environment and technology as well as the age and generation gap it seems as if this question can be put up for debate for a long time to come. Maybe after the next generation starts to emerge, we can see the same cycle again and find and response to the question or maybe not.
Maybe ask yourself the next time you see a millennial on their pc at the library or in the mall are they just being lazy?.