Can you make money from walking?

Who doesn’t like to earn a little extra side cash? With today’s economy a dollar here and a dollar there can add up quickly. So why not make a little more if possible. There are many ways to earn extra income from selling your items, saving your pop cans or even becoming a freelance writer. But is it possible to earn additional money from walking? Well, the answer is YES!

Sweatcoin an app I have recently found is quite an amazing little app. Founded back in 2014 and backed by many entrepreneurs this app allows you to earn that additional income by how much you walk. So if you have a busy job and you’re always on the go maybe this is the app for you. Every thousand steps are converted into what they call a sweat coin. Sweatcoins can be used for many things to redeemed.

The app is simple to install and very unique compared to other apps. Not only can you earn that extra income but you can also trade your sweat coins in for electronics, shopping, gift cards, and even discounts. There is no fee to download the app but there are buyable features in place to help you earn more sweat coins. 1000 steps equals 1 sweat coin.

I have been using sweat coin for about two months now and have had amazing results and no loophole to cash out which seems to be the case with a lot of apps found on the market. I personally love the app and know a few other people as well who enjoy it.

If sweatcoin is something you may be interested in trying then download it from the Appstore and use the bottom link as referral for a bonus !!