How can we make a change?

For many years I’ve battled depression and anxiety as many other throughout the world do on a daily basis. It’s left me stuck in bed, stuck fighting with people over no reasons and at one point it led me to drugs and alcohol to try to numb the pain. it was debilitating

I felt trapped and alone. It took many years of practice before I started to get a handle on it and be able to catch it and notice triggers. It took many years of trying different courses, and different methods of calming down and it seemed at first as if nothing worked but over time and hard work it started to.
One thing i realized is you cant change till your actually ready to.
Now I’m not saying that I’m better than people who haven’t and I’m not trying to persuade you to buy another miracle depression tool. I just honestly took a lot of time and realized I wanted to turn raw thoughts in a place where real-life issues and real-life scenarios are at play.

So here we go the real raw thoughts how it should have been now lets dive in!

Now going through the different stages I’ve been going through I’ve noticed there isn’t much help for mental health. I live in a town with 10000 people and out of 10000. 1500 of them have mental health issues including myself. and to support all these individuals there is one mental health worker who can treat and properly diagnose everyone with a six-month waiting list and 13 patients at a time. How is this supposed to help everyone if they’re getting an appointment once a year or two? How does that monitor and treat effectively?

Personally, I don’t think it can so I’ve started a movement recently called hip hop for affliction. A lot of you probably didn’t realize I also did more than the blog I am also a hip hop entertainer. That’s truly what dug me out of my downward spiral.

For some writing helps heal and for me its key. This is why I make music, blog, write short stories as it is an escape. I have started a new project to kick start this movement in the form of a cd The CD stands for depressions a motherf**ker aka D.A.M.
it is heavily based on my personal experiences with depression to let people know they are not alone. Once the cd is completed I will be donating 40 percent of the proceeds to mental health to help make a difference.

Quite recently a kid in my town committed suicide int he local parka nd this hit home with me. he was only 20 years old with so much life left. If he could have gotten the help he needed things could have been different I think. Feeling alone can make a person do crazy things. Life is short and I realize this and I think all lives are equal and more should be done

So below I’ve left a sample to my work for you to view and below that is another link to help donate to help complete the project
all donations are greatly appreciated and words can’t express
Id like to welcome you all to the real raw thoughts. raw issues, raw thoughts, and raw stories

Link to song

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