Top 5 games released in October 2019 part 1

With thousands of games on the mobile market, it may be hard to find something to play at times. Luckily for you, we’ve tracked down the best games released in October. With some that are simple to play and others are a little more tricky let’s dive into some of the best mobile games released last month.

Call of Duty
Call of duty Mobile is a nice addition to the call of duty franchise
and a nice breath for mobile competitive play. With very easy to use controls and different control types it makes it easy to adjust to the shift from console or pc to the mobile version. With popular maps rebooted and amazing weapon customization it definitely deserves a spot on our lists for top mobile games in October of 2019.


This game is great if you like hack and slash RPG games. It has many features from a story to dungeons and a dungeon creator so you may try to create levels or try another person creation. This game has moderate graphics but fun gameplay.

Mario cart
If you were a fan of Mario cart on the N64 then you must try this game. With all of your favourite racers and carts, what else could you want this game also resets tracks weekly and takes you through real-life cities. This game also provides nice and smooth controls. With a new mode added it adds a fresh new twist on the game you love one downfall is there is no PvP yet

Zombie blast crew.
This game is a really good shoot em up type game with a lot of zombie killing action. With a single-player campaign and a multiplayer mode. This mobile game allows you to upgrade your heroes. You do only start with one but in no time you’ll have a few.
So if you are into causing carnage this is a good pick to play and try.

Runescape mobile
This game is an older game brought to mobile and is still in early access. Runescape is an MMORPG with many quests and character creation. With moderate graphics but the perk of cross-play its a pretty overall good pick if you’re into adventures. With many stats available to be levelled up and endless fun.