Should We Be Adding Bugs Into Our Diets

Now, this might seem a little off at first. To most, it is not normality in some parts of the world. However, in many places around the globe people are actively partaking in adding insects to their diets. Yup, that is right people are eating insects. I know your probably thinking “Yuck” Now, why is it some places its so normal to eat insects but in other parts it’s not? There has to be a reason it’s not just for the sake of it 

 Currently, I live in western Canada and where I’m from its not usual to see someone eating bugs or going shopping for or even out to dinner to dine on little critters. Nonetheless, some places such as parts of Asia still do.

Now I won’t go through every place that does and why but in China, bugs are treated as both a meat and a vegetable. Many cultures embrace the consumption of bugs. Edible insects have long been used by ethnic societies in Asia, Mexico, Africa, and South America as they are cheap and sustainable sources of protein. In a video, I recently watched a man was explaining that it was the first protein that was able to be caught and consumed in order to keep energy levels up to track and kill the bigger game. They are noticeably low in fat as well. Its been a proven fact that bugs have high amounts of protein and other nutrition benefits. Most insects also normally live in dense populations and can pretty much be found anywhere around the world. 

Insects are extremely easy to farm and easy to maintain as most will eat almost anything. In more poverty-stricken areas it easier for farmers to cultivate and farm them instead of raising cattle or chickens. 

Fun Facts:

  • Ants are older than the dinosaurs as some other bugs too
  • In their Pulitzer-prize winning book The Ants, researchers Bert Hölldobler and Edward O. Wilson estimate that there are upwards of 10,000,000,000,000,000 individual ants alive on Earth at any given time.
  • Dragonflies are powered by the sun

Now with knowing all this information and also hearing of current affairs and when they expect food shortages should we be looking for an alternative source for protein and other nutrition? Should we be adding bugs to our food pyramid to help sustain ourselves? Also, cut down on factory farming and other aspects? It seems a little freaky at first but maybe its something we should all be taking a look at. 

It’s still a very weird idea for me to ponder myself.

But it seems like it’s slowly gaining more traction as the years go on. Now I see YouTubers doing eating insect videos and many videos on how they could be beneficial for our health. I’ve even read about a few different restaurants trying to bring them in as a new and unique item. 

One video that I have recently viewed on Youtube by Vice news about the history of bug-eating in China and highly suggest going to give it a check. But that is enough about bugs don’t you think is your skin crawling yet?

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