Alright now some of you may have noticed a complete overhaul on the blog. Once I was aiming at producing a blog towards food and food related articles. The original choice for that was I have been a chef for most of my life and having a passion of writing. From starting in a kitchen as a dishwasher when I was 12 all the way to now with me being 29.

When the site was first thought of and started it seemed like this is really what I wanted to do but as time went on I slowly started running out of ideas and not really having the passion for it as I did being in the kitchen. Now why music? What makes music different and why switch? Truth be told I’ve always had music in my veins. I still have memories of my mom signing and sounding amazing I begged for singing lessons so with all my persistent nagging she finally signed me up. I did those classes for three years and then I started into band class. Shortly after I started playing the drums and trombone. To say the least I absolute loved it and I was locked with another passion. In middle school I started my first band which confirmed my love for music even more. As we continued we found it hard to keep going as we had different schedules and different views and lives so needless to say the band fell apart

Now a few years later I started to freestyle and didn’t think much of it until one day a friend of mine said I had a real skill he consistently told me I should pursue it. Later that night I wrote my first song and my friends were amazed so I kept at it and to this day I still rap and preform. But to be honest I’m not super out there or have many extensive sales but have had the chance to perform along sides artists such as snak the ripper, merkules, lilwindex, madchild ,dax,and much more

Now This takes us to our reason for the revamp of my raw thoughts which will be switching to hop and pop. Deep down i feel i have more to say about music and music type subjects more fluently and often then food. So I hope you all will stay with us as we go through this change and embrace the growing pains as we have !

P.S welcome to you hip hop and pop one stop shop !

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