My thoughts on mafia 3

So I have always liked the mafia series as I have played one and two. Recently I remembered i was able to play mafia 3 through my PlayStation subscription PS now and decide heck why not lets give it a try. So there I was sucked back into the story of mafia 3 I have been doing an hour to 2 hours a day on stream since I began playing it.

The story line is really amazing and very captivating. And I find it a really good game if your a big open world story player hell even if you just want something new and fresh to be emersed into. One thing I did not like though is how compared to mafia 1 you could not switch your cars to manual driving as well as not having the police as interactive. Although I did like the way they had set up the progression through the story it didn’t feel like your normal story line it felt different. I don’t find myself getting that bored sensation as you do I with some titles even some newer titles seem to have that issue where the charm wears off.

In overall I would say mafia 3 is a great game if your looking for something to try and if you’ve already played it I’m sure you feel the same anyways that’s my thoughts hope you enjoy !