The slow grind of twitch

Alright, so we’re gonna start with a little backstory. I started streaming about 2 years ago for fun. As time progressed, I started to like it more and more. Then Covid hit, and really put everyone in a place where the world they once knew was suddenly different. A lot of things that were considered the norm became something of taboo. As a hip hop artist, I was familiar with doing shows on a weekly basis; meeting people became part of that rush from each meet and greet to each show. About 3 days after the orders were to stay home I was forced to cancel 15 shows that were my income. My passion was on halt in a split second. Suddenly, I found myself at home with a lot of time on my hands like many others. After about 3 weeks, I started streaming on a more regular basis for longer times. About a year and a half later, I finally hit my affiliate. Now this where the story starts.

Anyone who streams will agree it is along slow grind to make affiliate. It really takes a toll on you mentally at times; sitting there for countless hours by yourself and wondering why your not getting views. You think to yourself, “What am I doing wrong?” or “Maybe I’m not cut out for this.” Some people may make affiliate fast or slow, but it depends on how much work your willing to put tin. Think of it as any career or passion in your life. If you don’t practice you end up running in circles. You may face obstacles that are hard to overcome; even issues with friends sacrificing time with then and much more. But that’s a different story, and article all together. So, if you have a little voice in your head telling you to quit, just erase that thought! Twitch has a long grind like no other. It takes countless hours of research to find out what works for you. Everyone thinks they know what works as they start to progress, but everyone’s grind is different! Just be you. All good things take time. If you’re serious, I really encourage you to do the research so you can learn different things that may help. There are many different sources and to find what works best for you. Like I said, I’ve been grinding for 2 or 3 years, and am just hitting 4 average viewers. Don’t sweat it, just trust the process, stick with it, and continue to push

Written by Ill oby & Karrichronicles