For those that don’t know, Riders Republic is a game title created by Ubisoft; and is a predecessor to Steep. Within the game, you can find different sport disciplines with free roam. The sports found within the game are downhill biking, snowboarding, BMX tricking, and many more. Throught the maps and during missions you can find unique equipment to help you reach your goals. Compared to Steep, this game is phenomenal. It blew my expectation out of the water and left me speechless. Personally, I found graphics are pleasant to the eye; the scenes are more than breathtaking, and range from the forest-covered valleys to the frost tipped mountain tops.

Over the past few weeks, I have spent a huge amount of time playing the game Riders Republic. With that noted, I found the game has some great positives, but still some things that need to be fixed. The positives I found about the game were that it was a great social game to play with friends or even meet new players. I found the majority of the players were very approachable and supportive, and not toxic like in some communities. For me, the game had a pretty smooth experience. For being such a massive game, the different sports available at different times for multiple users makes the game more interesting and keeps me on edge. The controls were a little unusual at first, but were easily adaptable. However, I may have had an advantage since I came from playing Steep to this new game. Riders Republic has a pretty good storyline with a slight resemblance to older Tony Hawk games which made me feel a bit nostalgic. The game feels like a breath of fresh air since there aren’t as many extreme sports video games as there were in the past.

Now for the downsides. At the first launch, there were a lot of crash issues that I experienced myself, which caused a lot of frustration. There seemed to be a fair amount of users ranging from Sony to PC players that experienced this issue. A current issue I’ve experienced in Riders Republic has been the match-making queues where it just won’t find a match. Some users were left waiting an hour or more for a single match. Hopefully, with future updates, this will clear up. Before launch, I found the trial week was misleading to many users thinking they would get a whole week for gameplay and then slapped in the face with only 4 hours of gameplay.

All around I feel the game is a very well round game, and if you are into sports games or extreme sports this is a perfect match. I think you should give it a try!