Great PlayStation titles to try Part 1

Do you ever find yourself flicking through your games unable to decide on what you want to play? I know this feeling all to well. With so many games to play and so many on the market, which game should you try next? Well, I thought I’d save you the time of looking a put together a list of games that are worth trying if you haven’t given them a shot yet. Some of the PlayStation titles on the list you may have tried or just heard of but let’s take a look on what’s on the list.

Marvels Spiderman (2018)
If you like button mash games or superheroes or both this game is a really good pick. This game brings back the old school spider man feel with a new school look and button scheme. With the whole city at your fingertips, there is endless fun from main missions to side missions and even solving neighbourhood crime issues to make the city a safer place. The storyline is great and will keep you on your toes. Marvels spider-man is a definitely a pick worth trying

Destiny 2 (2017)

This game is a little older but still has a lot to bring to the plate. With a really captivating storyline and great physics, this game really fits well in this list. One of the bonuses I find with the game is you don’t need to regrind all those levels back and re-earn your powers. If you are a gamer who likes first-person shooter and sc-fi fantasy then this is a stellar pick to try.

Trials fusion
Not as big or as in-depth as most games on this list. Trials Fusion is a great addition to your libary. Now, this isn’t a game you’re going to play often as its more of a time passing game or a little break from your usual gaming. With a single-player mode and PVP, it’s a blast to play alone or against others. Different bikes and rider outfits are unlockable through the game as you progress and can afford them. so kick start those bikes and get ripping!

elder scrolls 2011
If you are a lover of fantasy and adventure type gaming then this is an epic pick. With many different classes and many different options on character creation its endless fun. The storyline for a single player is rather fun and you may quest where you want as you want and make your own path to glory. Alongside your free roamable journey, there are PVP modes and dungeons to conquer. Players are able to group with friends and complete quests or do them solo so this game is good for both single and group play.

If you liek games filled with adrenaline and strategy then you gotta play hitman. This game is a breath of fresh air when it comes to action games. With so many different ways of completing the same mission and so many different upgrades, it makes it impossible not to have fun. The game revolves around eliminating certain targets in mission and as you progress they get harder. Missions can be replayed with twists for better gains and more entertaining experience so it totally makes it worth a shot

With so many great titles it was hard to choose so we made a part 2. Please leave any comments or thoughts in the comment section and share it with a friend if you enjoyed this read!