TAXI DRIVER : The simulator a crap title

Alright now for some reason I’ve always seemed to like simulator style games .. I really love the feel and how in depth some of them are. So recently I figured I would start to get a couple more and started to browse through the PlayStation store. First stop the deal section . Slowly I browsed the titles that were available and two caught my eye right off the bat taxi driver the simulator and construction simulator 2 or 3 which look pretty good. one other caught my eye as well but was just a little out of my price range as its Christmas times and as we all know times are tough. As I watched the different trailers for each the taxi driver one really stood out it look very well done and it looked actually pretty exciting. This is where everything went wrong. The game came to about 22 dollars Canadian and when I first got on the graphics looked really good but then there was only two options in the game. Start and shop were the only two things offered and when you shop all your able to get is four cars!!!! Not only is that all that is offered there is no in the car view there is not real world traffic like told in the trailer. The game feels very basic and lacking a lot of fundamental things that a lot of these simulator games do. The price of this game is outrageous compared to what is given. Plus to add to insult as soon as you hit start to pause like real game it ends and brings you back to the menu with no customization or any real reason to keep playing but driving in a loop with janky traffic and a failed concept. There is nothing through the game to really make you want to keep playing it feels under basic. Personally I didn’t think a game could suck this much . To everyone I advise not to buy this game it is pure garbage and your money could be put else where.