One of the Worlds Weirdest Fruits

 Durian fruit has to be one of the weirdest fruits in the world by far. The name "durian" originates from Malay word "duri" which means "thorn", and it refers to the razor-sharp spikes on the shell of the fruit.  In total there are 30 recognized Durio species, at least nine of which produce edible fruit. Durian fruit … Continue reading One of the Worlds Weirdest Fruits

3 Tasty Watermelon Recipes

Now, who doesn't like a pleasant slice of watermelon in the summer? It can be nice and refreshing as well after being out in the sun. You can pretty much find it at any grocery store in the summertime too so why not. Now the question at hand is their more than one way to … Continue reading 3 Tasty Watermelon Recipes

Are People Really Eating Stinging Nettles and Why?

 You may not be aware and it might sound a little crazy at first. But, hear me out. Yes some people are actually eating stinging nettles. I know your probably shaking your head thinking hell no! Now, no we're not telling you to just go outside and start tearing out your nearest stinging nettle bush … Continue reading Are People Really Eating Stinging Nettles and Why?

Why More People Need Drink Green Tea.

The green tea plant originated from the country of China. When green tea was first starting to be used it was only enjoyed by royalty or the wealthy. Once the fall of the Mongolian empire had happened, it started to get more widely used and consumed which has brought us to the current day. Many … Continue reading Why More People Need Drink Green Tea.

Red Tea Info and More

What is red tea your probably thinking? Red tea is more than just a yummy tea. Its a combination of a detox and weight loss and management program. Over recent years its been gaining a lot of traction. Its been shown that drinking red tea and following the program that comes along with it can … Continue reading Red Tea Info and More

The keto diet

Ketogenic diets (aka keto diets) are strong metabolic factors that assist your body switch from consuming sugar (carbs) to burning fat. Results of that switch in fuel is a change in all sorts of health conditions. In practice, you get to eat real foods in the kind of essential fats and protein (meat, fish, poultry) … Continue reading The keto diet

10 Super Healthy Fruits

Are you a health junkie or maybe you just want to get into healthy eatingAll fruit is healthy, but some are more than others. How do you know which are the best fruits to eat? Well lucky for you we've got the top 10 healthiest fruits you could be eating. Let's take a look at … Continue reading 10 Super Healthy Fruits